Veins and Veils


These are my latest favs for summer. My Clinique powder in the green case that I always rave about has taken a backseat since it isn’t cruelty free, but I still use it sometimes to touch up since I already bought it eons ago. It is so good for touchups and bringing your makeup back together after a long day, so if anyone has a CF dupe please tell me.

Anyways, now that it’s the season of aggressive, hot sun, it is even more important to incorporate SPF into your makeup routine. I have been using this Farmacy Green Screen over my MAKE primer and before my foundation. Farmacy products use naturally derived ingredients so I am stoked to slather this on my face every morning. The Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream also has SPF so it’s perfect for summer, especially since it’s not as heavy as foundation (yes, I know you should be wearing SPF all year round, but I tend to not see the light of day in the winter a lot. Hibernation). This BB cream is so light. I bought it in “Light”, and it also comes in “Fair” which must be for dead people. So all you pasty gals out there should definitely purchase this. The “light” is a bit too light even for me! But it is not the best product to use if you want your makeup to last allll day on a long day.



These summer cuties. Honestly the quality of these sandals is not fantastic, but for $40 I think they are great. I bought these last summer and shockingly I found that there are limited quantities still for sale here.


I am a sucker for packaging so I bought a ton of these Colourpop  x REVOLVE products including this pack of lippie sticks. These are so nice on your lips, you barely notice them and they are not at all drying (not matte either). I like these better than the liquid to mattes by Colourpop. Way too drying for me to wear. This pack is a nice mix of reds, pinks, and browns. Major heart eyes for it. Tootsie and Cami are my favs. $30 for 6 lipsticks and a gorgeous box for storage is a bargain.

Purse – Express

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Black Diamond





This post was to show you how I like to mix dainty pieces into my wardrobe while still staying true to my usual style. I love lacey and frilly white shirts, but I still like to not look so cutesy so to speak. I can’t think of the proper words, but I still like a “hard” look..something black, something chunky. A faux leather jacket is what I would normally use, but it is way too hot out now for that so instead I use accessories to keep my typical appearance, like my KISS boots as my wife and I like to call them above or this belt pictured below.


A good chunky buckle on a black boot or belt will do the trick to negate a frilly/lacey/white shirt 😀

Shop similar accessories here, here, and here.

For Whom The Bell Tolls


Finally purchased the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette recently. I was in Ulta shopping for “necessities” and this was the last one so I thought I needed to grab it. I actually only have the Naked 2 and Smokey. I use the Naked 2 constantly, but now the third one is my go-to. I honestly don’t think these palettes are that impressive. The shadows are decent, not the best, but they are just really good and easy for lazy days when you don’t feel like blending a bunch of amazingly pigmented colors together for an hour, which has been me for the last couple months. They are really pretty palettes to just look at though. This one has a gorgeous rose gold theme going on, and you get a lot of shadows, shimmers and mattes, in a Naked palette. I enjoy them!


Lips – Kat Von D Lolita Liquid

This is a perfect dark rose nude to pair with the Naked 3 palette.

Necklace – Vanessa Mooney


My choker above is from UO, but I am going to start spending more on these for better quality. Taking suggestions for where to buy your favorite plain, but good quality chains please!


I am loving a lot of sock lately. Generally I would be looking for ankle socks to wear with these, but when I have on shorts I feel like there is so much leg that a heavy/high sock looks way better.


Christian Woman


A bought a few new products recently that I think are fantastic so I wanted to share of course. (I also stick a Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in my pictures once in a while to remind you this is my holy grail, and I will never stop buying it. You need it, too!)

I’ve seen this Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil Stick floating around the internet. I finally decided to pick it up. I love it. I LOVE IT. At first I thought a stick was the worst idea ever. Turns out it’s perfect for when you’re rushing or just don’t feel like getting stuff on your hands. Sounds lazy, but when I am exhausted being able to rub this quick on my face before bed, without having to grab a jar of moisturizer and rub it between my hands and then apply, is really great and more appreciated than you can imagine. Wait till you try it. You will see how wonderfully convenient it is. Not to mention the formula feels great on your skin. Not at all greasy and so, so soft. I will be buying more Milk Makeup stick products in the future. Stay tuned.

I recently decided to try to make the switch to cruelty-free products as best I could. I returned a lot of recent NARS and Lacome purchases as a result. IT Cosmetics itself is CF, but turns out they were bought out by L’Oreal from what I can see, who isn’t so I will not repurchase this item. If anyone knows more about the veracity of this please let me know! I can use all the help I can get. However, if that is no concern to you, I truly adore this Bye Bye Pores Translucent Pressed Powder I have been using from them. I don’t really have noticeable pores, but I just like the feel of this powder. It is very fine and lightweight on your face so it’s completely comfortable and not drying. Perfect to set your makeup with!


This heat protectant spray from Living Proof was recommended to me by a friend and local hair stylist , Nikki Parsons (check her out on Facebook or Instagram @nikkiparsonshairstyling), and it is exactly what I was looking for. So many products for heat protection drench your hair and are nearly impossible to use unless you are blowdrying first. I needed something I could spray all over on second (or third!) day dry hair to be able to curl or straighten it. Highly recommend this. It does not wet your hair or leave it feeling like you just put a ton of product in it. I am thrilled to have found this!


I am super into plants lately (me and everyone else, right?).


I went to a local shop where I found out that nearly everything is toxic or potentially toxic to pets. At that time I was pretty sure I was going to just stick to fake plants as I have thus far in life. But my cat isn’t much of a climber, so I figure if I keep them up high she’s safe. Here are a few recent cuties I got! I just put them on the floor for pics of course. Some are outside or up on shelves 😀


I’d lik to add that it’s been a couple weeks and all of these plants are still alive. This is a big accomplishment. I have killed the easiest of plants in the past. Wish me (and them!) luck, and have a wonderful weekend, all!

Dig Up Her Bones


New booties! Should I keep these? I like them, but am always uncomfortable in something new in style to me and a snakeskin print, upward pointed toe boot is one of them, even though I think they are pretty cute. Any of you guys have something similar and what’s your thoughts?

They are Lucky Brand, but I purchased them from Nordstrom super cheap and now they are sold out 🙁 unless I return them and you’re a 6.5! Otherwise you can buy the same boot in pewter here. I like the zipper detail a lot, but they are a bit stiff. Not uncomfortable though!




I recently tried these tarte undereye patches, and I LOVE THEM. They are reaaaally good. Immediate results. My only issue is they are like gel pads and they are slippery as fuck. One landed right in the garbage so I used the one I had left on my right eye and then moved it to my left eye and I still got the results on both eyes. It tightens up your bags so much though that your skin under your eyes is left feeling a tad tight and dried out almost for that day, but worth it for how they look if you ask me.


Things I tried and didn’t love this week would be the Too Cool For School Egg Cream Face Mask (well my wife tried it) and the Karuna Anti-Oxidant Face Mask. Both soooo gooey. I’ve tried plenty before that felt better on my skin and didn’t have all that product falling everywhere. My wife said her skin felt oily the next day and frankly mine felt dry haha so who knows but I won’t repurchase those.

One time I got a Shiseido one in some sort of free makeup bag with $60 purchase from Ulta….I think? Not sure, but I didn’t pay for it and the mask is like $50 in real life or something. That mask was amazing of course, but I cannot bring myself to spend that until I try out some more reasonably priced ones first and see if that’s really worth it. Purchased a bunch more from Sephora again that I will be trying soon. Taking recommendations from you guys if you have any!

Ever Fallen In Love


I very rarely wear baggy jeans. ASOS jeans are often snug on me so I did size up slightly on these, but I definitely need to get my actual size instead. I suspect they will still be somewhat roomy, but at least I won’t be able to take them off without unbuttoning them. Nevertheless, I do kind of like this comfy look so I decided to post it! They weren’t properly advertised at all though. The knees are completely open on the pic of them on the website, but you can easily rip them yourself if you want. Otherwise they are super soft and comfy and they will make you feel skinny 😀






This bag is amazing, cute, perfect…even my wife loves it because it fits all her shit too. I paid less than $15 for it on sale. It is no longer on sale, but it is cheap anyways and could go back on sale!

Bralette – Victoria’s Secret PINK

Jeans – ASOS

Mini Backpack Purse – Urban Outfitters

I made the mistake of wearing these sneakers to an all day concert last week with no socks (I know that’s gross) and lots of walking. I am an idiot with a well deserved blister.

I JUST booked us a flight to San Francisco to take a tour through Southern California and end in San Diego. I am so ecstatic about this. I used to live in San Diego and Los Angeles briefly for just a couple of years after college, and I miss it so much. I’ve been dying to go back and show my wife. Plus, I never made it to San Francisco when  I was there so it’ll be a trip of old and new memories. Bless my poor wife who is going to have to deal with me fussing over every single palm tree, mountain, and ocean wave <3

I also spent over an hour this morning watching MTV footage from 1982 that Rolling Stone magazine posted. All the old Martha Quinn footage you could hope for.

Final note, we saw Tom Petty last night, and it was aces. I am having a good weekend so far; I hope you all are too!

Tahitian Moon



I recently posted a look using this cardigan, but the difference is this bodysuit. I LOVE this trend, but am generally uncomfortable in these lightly lined or unlined bodysuits that are everywhere where you practically look naked from behind and with every bend or twist things are scrunching and flopping (more power to ya, but not I). This one I am wearing is actually shapewear so it has a built in bra. Buy it here! It is stunning and quite flattering. Keep in mind that I wear clothes that are fairly uncomfortable. My high waisted jeans hurt my ribs when I sit and this shapewear sucks you in hard. I don’t mind, but you might! Just a warning.



Cardigan – Forever 21

Jeans – ASOS


Give me all the gold necklaces! I have never gone so long without wearing silver in my life. Urban Outfitters has some good choker game right now. The quality is crap so the gold eventually rubs off, but they are so inexpensive that it hasn’t really bothered me. You can hardly tell when it’s on unless you’re close up, and it’s just an excuse to shop more when it’s time to replace them. Buy these above here and here. The black and gold necklace is old and not from UO.


Wicked Garden

I just got these new boots from ASOS during the Memorial Day sale for INSANELY CHEAP. These boots are nothing like any shoes I already own so I am pretty excited about them. I absolutely love the look of a heavy boot with tiny summer shorts. My feet get so hot in the summer though so I am not sure I will be able to wear these much just yet, but I sure as hell am going to try.

You can maybe buy these shoes here, but hurry; they are nearly sold out. Always check back though because sometimes people make returns. Similar ones available from Overstock here and here.


A few different styles with these Weekday jeans and ASOS boots:

Shop similar jeans here.






 I of course ripped a tiny hole in these jeans trying to cut the tag off. Say a prayer that they don’t unravel.

Wasted Years


There’s only a brief point in the year that I can wear these shoes because it’s usually too cold or too hot. Right now is the perfect time for them so today I am sharing with you a couple of my favorite spring shoes 🙂

These lace up flats are old from Steve Madden and sold out, but you can shop similar ones (and cheaper ones) here!


I have also been living in these Vans sneakers, no exaggeration. They are so comfy and simple. Perfect for weather that does not quite lend itself to sandals yet.

Also these Levi’s jeans! I love them so much and to think I almost returned them. When I try on new things sometimes I judge them right away without giving myself a moment or two to adjust to them, but my wife said she liked them so I kept them and after one time of wearing them, I was hooked. They were a bit of a splurge for me. I tend to not spend more than $60 or so on jeans, but they were worth the money. Buy them here!



My all time fav red lip, Stila Stay All Day in Beso. You all know that already if you’ve been following me, but in case you’re new and unaware…this liquid lipstick is the best red. It feels great on your lips and doesn’t budge. I haven’t tried every brand out there, but I have tried a lot and this is my favorite formula for sure.

Top choker – Urban Outfitters

Bottom choker – Urban Outfitters

The top choker is kind of discolored from so much wear. The gold starts to come off, but I still wear it.

So it’s just about June! Seems the good weather is finally about to be here this week. I have been wearing jackets and sweaters since like October. It’ll be nice to just go outside in a t-shirt and feel some fresh air…until I see a bee and then I’ll be over summer.

Hope you all enjoy your week!! This time next week I will be at another Iron Maiden concert!! Cannot wait!


As Seasons Roll On By


I have ditched liquid foundation!! Well, for now at least. If you read my last blog post, you know that I have been struggling with liquid foundations lately and I am not sure if they are mixing bad with other items I’m using, but my makeup was looking like garbage, like immediately. Not even after a couple hours. It would look separated and splotchy and cakey all at the same time as soon as I was done with it. Like the ingredients couldn’t blend together. I tried so many different combinations and it just kept happening to the point where I figured the obvious product causing this would be liquid foundation so let me just get rid of the liquid foundation and concealer!

For sure the Tarte Shape Tape concealer was fucking up the way my makeup looked. I am SUPER guilty of seeing a bunch of gorgeous and talented makeup artists post a product and then buying it. 75% of the time I am left wondering why there is so much hype behind this product, and I feel like I wasted my money. Back to my reliables at this point because my bathroom is exploding with products, and I don’t love any of them. The Shape Tape is just too heavy for my skin.

So above is what I have been using for weeks now, and my stress has finally dissipated! Hallelujah! I start with this Pixi brightening lotion which I love. It feels light as hell, is not oily and it hydrates. Big plus, the brightening component leaves a hint of a pink shimmer on my face. So pretty. Not sure it really shows through makeup, but if you don’t wear face makeup, this is a gorgeous moisturizer to wear alone with a fantastic price point.

Then I go right in for some concealer or undereye brightener. This NYX concealer is both for me (I buy it in Porcelain) so it’s perfect! I put it just under my eye and blend with a moistened beauty sponge. Then I use this Clinique face powder all over my face. I have been using this Clinique product for ages. I never am without two, one in Matte Ivory (for winter) and one in Matte Neutral (for summer). It is a powder and foundation in one but I find this one, and others I have used, to not be nearly as heavy a look or feel as actual foundation. It just gives a nice blurring effect to your face with some light, natural coverage.

Then I use Stila bronzer (discontinued, but here is a dupe) for my contour, as much as you can call what I do a contour (not much) and Marc Jacobs blush (the best blush everrrrrrrrrr). For me, the key for this point in my makeup are my brushes. I generally do not use any others for contour and blush. This Marc Jacobs blush brush is expensive, but I am telling you it is so worth it. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.


I finish off by adding this NARS powder to my cheeks to blend the blush and contour, and anywhere else on my face I may have contoured that day. It just brings the look together and it has SPF so it’s a perfect finishing touch. It does have the tiniest bit of luminosity to it so I will brush it on my cheekbones as well. This is another powder foundation but it is described as lightweight, and I totally agree. I guess what I like about these powder foundations I use is that it’s not a loose powder that can easily stick to problem areas on your face. I find that often when I use those it sticks to dry patches under my eyes or porous areas. This doesn’t happen with these powder foundations.


I am throwing some new home decor on this post as well just because I don’t want to do a whole separate post for it since I don’t think it’s enough, but I am excited about my purchases!


This gold tray and lantern are from H&M home. I have been loving their stuff lately. Some popular items do sell out fast, but everything is reasonably priced so I highly recommend them. Their candles are awesome as well (pictured above with makeup brushes, here and here).


I got this mirror from Amazon and it was exactly what I wanted. Really pretty, but simple and perfect for this space on my wall.

So we all are mourning the loss of Chris Cornell recently. Such a bummer. You all know my IG profile is full of t-shirts, records and concert footage from all his various musical groups. I love them all so much, and it sucks that he is gone. But I sure am grateful I got to see him perform live solo, with Soundgarden, and with Temple of the Dog…thank goodness.